Shameless Plug: Genesis "Come Rain or Shine"

I just got an email from Martin Baker, a friend in the U.K. He caught the airing on BBC of one the first HD jobs that ran through Fini. “Come Rain or Shine” is a 90 minute behind-the-scenes documentary of the band Genesis’ most recent European tour.


I’ve been a Genesis fan since high school (mostly anything prior to Abacab). For me the highlight of that doc is the moment in the hotel room when Phil Collins and Chester (the band’s long-time second drummer) are practicing drumming on leather benches. That moment blossoms into the inspiration for the centerpiece drums solo in their live performance. Any Genesis fan will love seeing that moment.

It was also the only moment where the footage was nearly un-watchable. It was the first day that the crew had used the camera they were shooting and the color balance was so far extreme into the reds there was zero information in the blue channel. You can see the before / after on the homepage of this website. It took some fancy footwork to save the shots in that sequence – mostly on my own time, as I worked on it on nights and weekends. (It turned out the scene required two solutions since the exposure changed in the middle.)

I want to give a special Thank You to the film’s Director, Anthony Mathiel. He allowed me to fulfill a dream. Hopefully some last minute hair-pulling didn’t overshadow what I think is a final product we can both be proud.

The 3-disc DVD of their final performance on their European tour is coming out this month. “Come Rain or Shine” is packaged as one of the three discs. There doesn’t seem to be a release date for the BluRay version. SD only.

– pi

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