Tape Labeling Software

A few months ago I emailed several of the Mac-based DVD label
software developers asking them to include VHS and Betacam label
in their software. Most replied that they're not set up to
support non-CD/DVD paper formats.

However, one developer, BeLight Software, responded, "We'll look into
it." I'm pleased to announce that they followed through and it's working

Their latest shipping version can handle the various VHS
and Beta label stocks from Ace (and a few others manufacturers). The
nice thing... you can build templates that link together different
stocks - so you can work on both the inside and outside label sheets

I am now abandoning my Classic-only Sticky Labels with a far more
functional, up-to-date piece of software. And since BeLight followed
through on adding this functionality I'm following on my promise to
let others know about it...

Get more info about Disc Cover here:

And download the demo of Disc Cover here:

And for the record, my only relationship to BeLight is that of a
happy, paying customer.

Never Stop Learning

If you ever get to a point in this business where you stop learning... then you're probably about to stop working.

For most of my professional career, learning resources were few. Outside of Universities or trade schools, the only place you could find training was working at companies doing what you wanted to do. And even then access was limited.

Wanted to be editor? You had better make it to the post department. Best way to get there? Through the shipping department.

How times have changed.

I just recently signed up for FX Phd. High-end training for those of you with high-end aspirations. They focus mostly on 2D compositing and seem to be a logical outgrowth of the Pixel Corps, a great idea for 3D animators that has never really executed on its mission.

The downside of all this empowerment? Knowing and understanding all these techniques are one thing... learning how to interact and communicate with clients, that's where hobbyists are separated from the pros.