Update: Fini, NYC

It's done!

The edit suite was broken down on Monday, moved on Tuesday, and up and running on Wed. The entire process was smooth as butter. For the 4th time we've used Moishe's Moving. They are terrific. Accurate quotes. Trained movers (usually one guy for each three man team is a trainee). Well protected furniture. The entire move took under 4 hours.

2 blocks South of Penn Station.

Great location. Great people.

We hope to see you.

- pi

Sleep On It

I've posted the very first edit I ever did over on the Visual Tidbits page. I can sum it up in two words: Eighties Hair. Check it out for a good laugh.

The music video was our first assignment in the Post-Production course at Hofstra, circa 1987. The assignment was to focus on matching action across cuts. I had a blast. It was an A/B roll edit bay on a Convergence 201 edit controller and my first experience working with a timecode-based edit controller. It was the high-end room at the school at the time... the keys to the room were jealously guarded. If I remember correctly, the switcher was a brand new GVG 100 but the only way to kick it was with a GPI.

Special thanks to Prof. Randy Hillebrand for saving my master when they were throwing away old tapes in the mid-90s.

- pi

Update: Fini on the Move

As some of our more astute clients will notice, our move date into Manhattan has been pushed back about 3 weeks. Logistically, it's taken a little longer than anticipated to get all the dominoes lined up. Things are now moving as they should...

Electric was upgraded yesterday. Painting begins on Monday. Carpeting at the end of next week. Then we're just waiting for the new console to be delivered, which should happen about the middle of March.

We'll probably be down for a few days at the end of March as the room gets wired back up. We're taking the opportunity to upgrade some of the engineering backbone which will take a few extra days than it would normally take. The object is to make it easy for us to build out new capabilities with little or no downtime.

- pi