FCP 6 : It's the little things...

A quick running list of all the small tweaks I've noticed that don't grab the headlines but make my life much easier:

  1. Restore Project: A great feature to roll back your FCP project to a previously saved state. Use the pulldown menu, pick the date/time, FCP unarchives it, renames it to its original name (rather than project_name_datestamp.fcp) and off you go! Absolutely killer over the old manual method, which usually put you in a worse mood than you were already in (no one uses this feature unless they really have to).

  2. Render Audio/Video In Tandem: Previously FCP would render video before audio. So if you stopped halfway through the render you'd have to force an audio-only render to hear the matching audio. In FCP 6 the two render in tandem.

  3. Shift-Delete Nested Timelines: No longer breaks audio renders.

  4. Uses both processors on my Dual 2.5 G5: I regularly hit 90%+ on both processors. Usage was much lower previously.
    UPDATE: I've booted back into 5.1.4 and I'm seeing about a 20%-30% increase in processor usage in 6.0.

More as I find them...

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