Eclipse CX Telecine Control Surface - Shipping

I love control surfaces. I've long felt that one of the great drawbacks to Non-Linear Editing Systems is their lack of specialized input devices. From switchers to K-Scopes to mixers, all these staples of the linear edit bay were reduced to a QWERTY keyboard and the fingernail-tip of the point of a mouse. A year ago I invested in a Tascam FW-1884 mixing board, which allows me to control my audio levels in Final Cut Pro, live - without stopping playdown of the timeline. I adore that piece of hardware. And I want more. More. MORE.

JL Cooper telecine control surface
So it's not surprising that every month since NAB I've been 'pinging' the National Account Executive of JL Cooper about the shipping status of the Eclipse CX - their new colorist control surface. Yesterday I got word it's finally shipping. The shipping price is $7,000 + $300 ethernet controller . Currently there are three alternatives to the Eclipse:
The Eclipse is a redesign of the MCS-3000 series, which is a modular set of control surfaces that can be user configured. I'm not sure what specifically they changed in this redesign (besides the look), but word out of NAB is that the trackballs and control rings surrounding the trackballs are much smoother than the MCS-series panel (a common complaint of people using that panel).
However, if you look at the this configuration image you'll notice some interesting configurations that still make the MCS-series interesting to contemplate. Additionally, it's not clear if the nifty MCS Bridge VF-4 panel (image on right) is available with the Eclipse CX.

I'm definitely in the market for a control surface. And since I don't do leases (cash only, baby) I'm more price sensitive than I might otherwise be - accounting for my not having invested in one of these yet. But keep an eye on this space, as I'll report back once I've gotten my formerly nicotine-stained fingers on one of these control surfaces.

Oh, and it seems Tangent Devices is responding to the release of the Eclipse CX with a specially priced bundle. Gotta love competition.

- pi

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