applePi Editorial is now Fini

Details, Details, Details

More precisely: Fini is a DBA of applePi Editorial, Inc. In fact, very little has changed in the day-to-day operation of applePi. It's still run by me, Patrick Inhofer. I've got the same equipment, same software. In fact, legally, nothing has changed - except I can now operate under the name Fini. So then, you ask, what's changed?

New Name, New Focus

Our focus has changed. Until now (Jan, 2006) applePi was one man's editorial company. My company. I did a little bit of everything. Online, offline, and everything in between. When asked what I did, my answer was, "Everything." I decided to change that. There are craftsman carpenters, craftsman sculptures, craftsman stock pickers, craftsman editors. When I sat down and asked myself, "What's my craft?" I wasn't surprised when I answered, "Finishing."

Fini is my statement. It's my craft. Technology has brought video production within reach of everyone. Just last week I output a music video created by a 14-year-old. It looked terrific! There are a million of stories waiting to be told. I enjoy helping others tell their stories.

Enhanced visuals = enhanced production values = enhanced impact

Focus on the Future

A new focus means new opportunities. Fini knows what it is. It knows where its going. And its going to grow. This is an exciting time and I hope you join Fini as we make that future happen.


Patrick Inhofer
President, Finisher-in-Chief
January 28, 2006