Basic Finishing

No-Frills Color Correction and Output

Typical Turnaround Time:
2 - 3 days per 23 minutes of video

Our main goal in this workflow is to deliver natural, rich images that are broadcast-safe. We'll neutralize color casts and fix bad color balance. We'll also add more contrast, tease out muted colors, and keep your video and audio levels 'broadcast-ready'. We'll output to the format of your choice.

Our Workflow

We keep your costs down by having you perform as much of the heavy lifting as possible. This means you'll handle the uprez (if any). Once done, you'll hand us your work in one of several ways:
  • You provide us an edited Textless Master with an OMF export of your timeline.
  • Or you provide us with a Firewire drive with all your footage and an FCP project referencing that footage.
  • Or you render out your timeline to an appropriate codec (our preferred codec differs depending on your setup). Deliver that file to us along with an OMF or FCP project of your timeline.
We encourage you to send us these materials a few days in advance of the finishing session so we can identify any problems and have them corrected before you get here. Once the session starts, we'll look over the project with you to identify any areas of particular concerns. Then we start color correcting. We usually advise clients to not stick around the edit room. Why? When you're on a tight budget every minute is at a premium and having others in the room slows down the process. This workflow is not about nuance, but about adding lots of production value while maintaining a handle on costs - keeping distractions to a minimum is central to that theme.

Advanced Finishing

Graphics, Color Correction, Audio, and more...

Typical Turnaround Time:
5 days per 23 minutes of video

Don't have the equipment or experienced personelle to uprez your footage? Do you need to create a deliverables package to meet network specs and want to rely on experienced professionals? Need more extensive color correction? Perhaps the graphics need some T.L.C. or you need us to finesse your audio mix? Pick from a range of finishing services to add extra punch to your program, we'll help you work within your budget.

Our Workflow

This workflow typically has Fini recapturing your source footage to a high-quality finishing codec. We'll do an initial color-correct focusing on fixing color temperature issues, refining contrast, and balancing exposures between shots and scenes. After that, we'll tackle the specific requirements of your job. When finished we'll prep and output the final master as well as any array of deliverables you may be required to provide.